Five things to do before contacting a removals company when moving house

Finding the place you’ve dreamt about for so long and finally being able to shift there is such an overwhelming feeling. You will just be wanting to start a new life with the new place without having to go through the shifting and moving process. But as much as it is necessary, there are many reliable companies who will help you without causing you any trouble. Your stress will become theirs just with a call and some paperwork. But before hiring such a company, ask yourself if you have followed the necessary and mandatory steps which you were required to do. Don’t worry, if you are confused about what those are, we will tell you.

Tip 1 –What to declutter or purge?

As easy as the moving idea seems to be, it is not. Of course, you have been living in the current place for so long and may have hoarded a lot of unnecessary stuff which are neither of your use nor can it be shifted to the new place. You don’t want to pay for the boxes which do not have the stuff you cannot live without or which are just lying in the current home for years unattended. So, I recommend you take a bird’s eye view of all the stuff and make a mind on what to keep and what to throw (broken stuff) or give away. Spread everything before packing it up. This will also ease up the task of your removal team.

Tip:2 –Create a checklist

After the decision on what to store and what to throw. Take out a pen and some papers. It will help if you have a separate list for each room, so the items will not get mixed up. Make a list of all the inventory according to the items of a room; bedroom, kitchen, living room, store room, guest room etc.
During this step, another important task which can help you a lot later is make sure you have all your bills settled. The phone, electricity, gas etc. all paid for the current month and also if you are taking any delivery services such as mail or anything, make a list of those to and notify them that you won’t be continuing from the next month. In this way, you will not receive calls from them or will be charged for the services you did not take.

Tip: 3 –Planning and organizing

Take a day off and plan each gradual step on how to save your time and reduce your efforts. Things done haphazardly will only worsen the situation and you will not be able to relax right after shifting. There are many ways in which you can cut down the tiring steps of the whole process and work productively. Hello removals will tell you how to perform these steps as they have experts who know all the hidden details of shifting. Some of them are:

  • Write tasks according to the order of performance and write time for each task to be performed in.
  • The rooms which you do not live in or spend a lot of time in such as a guest room or store room can be packed earlier because you will need your essentials till the day of moving and cannot pack them beforehand.
  • Take a trip to the garage or attic and see which items you can pack and shift to a nearby storage facility of your new location earlier.

Tip: 4 –Survey or research of the market

Go through the internet, ask your acquaintances who have availed the services of moving companies and compare the costs. Call the companies and ask for a quote. I recommend Hello removals for moving anywhere in the UK because their service is matchless.
Do not just opt for inexpensive companies because there will either be hidden costs which you will face later on or their services will be lacking expertise which can cost you more than you save if your items get broken or damaged.

Tip: 5 Never forget when

No doubt that you will have a day or date decided along with time when this process starts. Start doing the pre chores a week before them to put the least stress on the last day. Check and recheck the dates and try not to forget them. Meanwhile, you can also go through reviews and testimonies and can switch if your gut feeling tells you not to go with a particular company. Try asking those who are not biased or have actually availed the services. Even ask them for tips you can follow as the experienced ones will tell you more and specific details which you cannot come up with on your own and have a safe moving.

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