Storage Facility

Storage Facility

When you are shifting or relocating, you need a place where you can store the contents of your home or office temporarily. Of course, you cannot just keep all your valuable stuff on the road. Even if we rule out the possibility of theft, the contents might get damaged due to the weather, pollution, and so on.

While shifting your office or relocating your home, if you need a place where you can keep your belonging for some time- until the shifting is done- then Hello Removals is the best place for you. It is a reliable facility for the storage of your items until you get settled into a new destination. We offer various storage options in London. You can have private rooms, containerized storage, and long term storage at Hello Removals. Other than a storage facility, we offer 360 removal services, inventory management, and transportation for moving into a new place.

We offer a reliable storage facility, where you can store your belongings for as long as you want- without having to worry about their safety and security. Whether it is a natural calamity like lousy weather, or a human action like theft, at Hello removals, we guarantee to protect your consignment from all kinds of damages. With our sophisticated fire detection and suppression systems, and CCTV monitoring with audio, we ensure that your contents are kept 100% safe, far from all kinds of hazards, in all our areas at our storage facility near me.

What do we have?

Hello removals storage facility includes the following:

  • Private Rooms
  • Containerized Storage
  • Huge Item Storage
  • Private Rooms

If you think that you have removed your previous place too early, while your next destination needs time for readying, then you need a storage for a relatively long period.

So, if your consignment will be stored for some time and you need to access your belongings, then you must have a private room as a storage.

It is ideal if you believe that:

  • Your items are too precious
  • You need to get access to them frequently (even during the time of relocation)

E.g., your huge wardrobes, or if you are an artist, then your art-pieces, or other such items which you might need during the shifting period as well, cannot be stored in an inaccessible place like a depot. Instead, you will be more comfortable with saving them in a private storage room. We offer all sorts of storage facility near me services for all allocations.

Storage Facility

Our Private Room is flexible. If you have any specific needs and requirements, you can customize the storage according to those. You can have a private room with high security, maintained temperature so that your belongings are not damaged because of temperature. You can see your private rooms yourself with the help of online inventory reporting. With this, you can have the storage rooms in front of you, virtually, all the time.

Huge Item Storage Facility Near Me

Large items need a copious space. And it is quite challenging to find a place where you can store your large items such as machines and other gadgets. Luckily, with Hello Removals, you can have huge-item storage. It costs quite a fortune to save your enormous items, or irregular items because you cannot keep them in a private room or depot. However, the facility to keep your over-sized belongings comes at a quite reasonable cost. We assign the space for such items by the square foot.

So, if you are looking for a place where you can store big machinery like generators, extravagant furniture, large luxury items like pianofortes, huge decorative art pieces or sculptures, office furniture like tables and boards, commercial machinery, and so on, look no further. We can keep your unusual items for as long as you want, at a reasonable cost, with the utmost security.

Containerized Storage Facility

During shifting or moving to a new place, you might need a place to store your items for some time- especially if the new place is not ready yet. While you can store your frequently required items in a private room and your big irregular items in a huge-item storage room, there are certain items that you want to store. However, you don’t need them regularly.

If you are looking for a place to keep those items that you won’t need until you get settled, then you can keep in a Containerized Storage.

If you have put your items or belongings in a containerized storage, that does not mean you cannot access them at all. The point is, for this type of storage, you need to follow procedures and protocols.

At Hello Movers, you don’t need to get into long-term contracts with us. If you want to check-out at any time, you can do it simply. All we need is a notice of two weeks so that appropriate arrangements could be made, and staff is made available to facilitate you in checking out. We have all the high end security protocols in place for storage facility near me.

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